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Horses for Lease

If you can’t exactly take your horse home with you, or if you are new to the “horsie thing” and would like to learn around other, more experienced people…..OR…if you’d just like to hang out with people that have similar interests to your own….

We are once again able to offer our “Free Horse with Board Paid” program.

If you pay the board on any of our horses for a certain number of months (depending on the value of the horse), the horse becomes yours.

It works like a lease agreement with the added added benefit that we give you the horse at the end of it.

We do not hold you to the lease, it is month-to-month, and you are also free to buy the horse outright and move it if ever you would want to do so.

The cost is the same as our Regular Board: $300/month.

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Blaze – 1997 Arabian Gelding….Sorrel

Daniel – 1991 Paint Gelding….chocolate and white

Diamond – 1997 Palomino QHX Mare…

Dillenger – 4/29/2000 Missouri Foxtrotter Gelding….bay

Fica Frida “Frieda”- 2004 Paso Fino Mare (lessons)…Red Dun

George – 2005 Black and White Tobiano Gelding….panda markings

Gypsy – 1999 Fleabitten Gray Mare

Nelson – Palomino Paint Pony Gelding

Olympus – 2003 Thoroughbred Gelding…bay

Shelby – 2004 Mustang Mare…bay

Smoke – Grey Spotted AMHA Gelding

Beadazzling Jazz – 1994 APHA Tobiano Gelding…. Red Dun

Casanova Del Sol – 2005 PFHA Gelding (Son of Valentino)…blood bay

Caudillo de Mayo “Clyde” – Bay 1999 Bay PFHA Gelding (lessons)…bay

Dandy Starbuck – 1996 APHA Gelding…3-color

Eden Ginger – 2001 AQHA Buckskin Mare

El Alejos Peppy – 2001 Sorrel AQHA Gelding

Phantom Lucky Star – APHA Gelding…black and white

Valentino Del Cielo – 2000 Black PFHA Gelding, son of Capuchino (NFS, lessons only)…black.

Boarding Horses:

Regular Board is: $300/month.

This includes:

  • 10% sweet feed with digestive/vitamin supplement added, hay, free-range minerals and salt blocks.
  • nightly turnout…horses are “out” all night & free to roam the property, from about 6 pm to about 9 am.
  • 10′ x 24′ pen with 4′ entrance gate…horses are “in” between about 9 am and 5 pm.
  • attached 10′ x 12′ private covered area for owner’s tack and personal possessions.
  • use of wash areas, round pens, picnic areas and riding trails.


We have baby animals for sale on a regular basis…..

Small herd of Tennessee Goats: 3 mommas, 2 doelings born in January 2012, 1 Buckling born in January 2012.

Several male Barbados sheep born in January 2012.

One Nigerian Dwarf Buckling born January 2012.


For Riding Lessons click here
| For Petting Zoo Animals click here

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