A HUGE thank you to all of our volunteers!



As we pass into the Fall season, grateful that the Florida summer heat is giving way to cooler evenings and mornings, we want to say a few words of appreciation to those dedicated people that have helped our horses and other animals through the summer. The horses have appreciated their cool baths, being brushed down and having the burrs removed from their manes and tails.

Summer is hard on our horses, even though our trails are shaded and each of the horses spends most of the day under his or her own individual reflective tarp canopy, with a bucket of water by their side. When we let them out in the evening in the summer, the horses will usually mosey on over to the closest hay bale and start munching down. In the fall, when it’s cooler, they kick up their heels and run a few laps before deciding that it’s time to eat hay. It’s such a pleasure to watch them do that!

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A HUGE thank you to volunteers who comes out now, and volunteers who have come out over the course of the 16 years that we’ve had horses at Sun City Stables. Thank you for your kindness and generosity. And on behalf of all of our horses: thank you for giving of your time and talents!


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