Sun City Stables – see the beauty of central Florida

Sun City, Florida gets very warm and humid in the summer at times. Thunderstorms rapidly move through the area during some summers. Keep in mind that the summer is still a great time to ride. The horses don’t mind the rain, and Sun City Stables operate rain or shine. We have a saying ” we’re not made out of sugar and we won’t melt, and neither will our horses”… We use only Abetta synthetic saddles. They are very light weight, about 16 lbs each, and will dry easily after getting wet…..unlike the leather saddles of yesteryear which were hard and heavy to put on the horses dry…and much less wet….

Sun City Stables is the only horse stable in the area that allows you, as a customer, to take a horse and ride the trails as you wish. Some of the other stables in the area will not allow you to take their horses, to simply ride around, but Sun City Stables does. They do not force a guide upon you…you can ride by yourself if you wish to do so.

Sun City Stables are known to allow customers who rent their horses to take them around the area, guided or unguided. This is something many visitors enjoy, but most other stables do not allow this.

Offsite trail rides can be organized, for up to 5 riders at a time (plus the guide makes 6), but a little advance notice is required. You can ride with the cows in old time Florida. (Florida cowboys were known as “crackers” because of the long whips they carried to shoo their cows out of the palmetto scrub during roundups).