A pot belly pig named “You-glee”

He joined the Sun City Stables Family about a month ago….He was found wandering around a neighborhood, and some people took pity on the little pot belly pig and brought him to our stables. Initially he was terrified and we kept him in a pen for a while until he settled down…. He comes and goes as he pleases right now, and is great friends with Apache, our Clydesdale cross. In the daytime, you’ll often find him sleeping in Apache’s pen. Just like all our other pigs, he’ll eat whatever leftovers we bring him, but more than anything he likes bread. And no, his name’s not Ugly…it’s You-glee…..not even spelled the same….

You-glee    IMG_1809                            You-glee with Clyde  IMG_1815


You-glee with Apache IMG_1832