Bath Day…..

The rain we’ve been having lately is very, very needed.

All the moisture, however, may cause horses to get skin conditions in the hot Florida weather, if you’re not vigilant.

Our personal solution is inexpensive and it works as well as any of the other remedies we’ve tried over the decade and a half we’ve had horses here in Florida:

Wash the horses with regular Palmolive green soap (or regular Dawn blue)

and then, when they are dry, spray them with a mixture of Listerine and Baby Oil.

In a nutshell, during the summer rains… in Florida…wash your horses often, and rinse them well.

IMG_3483 All of our horses love their baths….like Jazz….. And they enjoy being combed and brushed..

IMG_3477 And sometimes, as a bonus…they get braids.

IMG_3481 Not all of us know how to fish tail braid, but Destiny does it well.

IMG_3482 Valor thinks so too.

IMG_3490 The horses weren’t the only ones getting baths…

The flock of little sparrows that live by the horse pens decided it was bath time too!