Horses at the Beach – Beach Buddies

Pache and Montana have a great relationship.

The big Clydesdale Paint has a soft spot for the young teenage girl, and she can do practically anything she wants with him.

6X0A1188  Monday was ‘Pache‘s first time at the beach.

6X0A1191   He discovered that salt water is not good to drink…..


6X0A1213   ….but he enjoyed splashing around in it….

6X0A1271  …and he didn’t mind being Montana’s lounge chair…..

6X0A1286   …or her diving board…..


Copy 2 of 6X0A1291   …..but he thought people coming up at him out of the water was a little freaky!

6X0A1328  Seagulls and riding buddies were fun…..

6X0A1358   ….and the salty sea grass tasted pretty yummy.


6X0A1362   Eventually, it was time to go home.

6X0A1368  …yup….

6X0A1351   …but we’ll do it again soon!