Manatee County Equestrian Trails: Go Bit-less!

July is National Park and Recreation Month. We took another road trip  to one of the Bay Area’s many beautiful parks.


As we were tacking up the horses, we decided to leave the bridles in the trailer…and go bit-less.

6X0A1390   We clipped their reins to their halters, and away we went!

20150720_135910    ‘Pache, our Clydesdale Paint, and Clyde and Valentino,  our Paso Finos, liked it.

6X0A1414   When we took a break, they got to graze….

6X0A1477   ….and they got their favorite Spanish moss treats right off the trees…

6X0A1433   Brittany even went rein-less, on Palomino mare Diamond, for a little bit!

6X0A1504  To me, the nicest way to see Florida is still from the back of a horse.

6X0A1441   It never grows old!