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Manatee County Equestrian Trails: Go Bit-less!

July is National Park and Recreation Month. We took another road trip  to one of the Bay Area’s many beautiful parks. As we were tacking up the horses, we decided to leave the bridles in the trailer…and go bit-less.    We clipped their reins to their halters, and away we went!     ‘Pache, our Clydesdale Paint, […]

What we do when we’re not busy….

We lie on a picnic table and stare off into the distance…..like Mae…   We sit on Willow as she meanders to the hay ring … …like Mark and Montana….     We kick off our boots and practice being stunt riders in socks…. …like Josh and Olivia…. on Casanova and Valentino, our Paso Fino […]

Carrie Ann our Belgian Draft mare….

Carrie Ann is one of the sweetest horses we have. She is a Belgian and a retired Amish carriage horse. Even though she’s been a draft horse pulling carriages all her life, she’s fine with people riding her too….even two or three people at a time! She’s very sane and safe, and trail riding with […]