• Have breakfast. It’s never a good idea to do any unusual or strenuous activity on an empty stomach. Also bring a small snack for afterwards…a granola bar, a sandwich or a few cookies is enough…or some Gatorade. Sun City Stables sells drinks, but not snacks.
    • Bring sunscreen. This is Florida, the Sunshine State… You can get sunburned riding a horse, just as you can going to the beach….
    • Bring bug spray against our wonderful Florida mosquitoes….sometimes they’re out, sometimes they’re not, but it’s best to be prepared.
    • Wear shoes, or sandals with a back strap….flip flops are for the beach…not the best for horseback riding .
    • Long pants are better than shorts, long sleeve shirts are good too, unless it’s too hot.
    • You can keep your cell phone on you, but be sure your pockets are deep enough so it won’t slide out. Cell phones can be hard to find if you drop them. Don’t worry about the horses if the cell phone rings, they are used to cell phones and the noise won’t bother them at all. Be sure you have a secure place for your car keys too! A small backpack is a good idea, or a small saddle bag.